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Parametric insurance for industrials

Previously limited to natural catastrophes, parametric insurance is now accessible to industrial players.

Insurers can automatically trigger refunds based on actual and auditable facts such as events or measures.

New capabilities for insurers

  • Anticipate & avoid operational risks
  • Reduce costs & cases processing time
  • Detect & prevent insurance fraud
  • Establish liability & accountability chains

We bring insurance 4.0

  • Reduce the cost of claim processing
  • Increase end-user loyalty with pertinent & long-term products
  • Become agile & flexible


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Claims paid in 2018


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AVG claims / day in 2018

Why our solution?

We transform insurance models…

Risk monitoring & prediction platform for insurance 4.0

Reshape & nurture relationships between insurers and their clients

…That benefit to insurers…

  • Establish triggering events
  • Monitor assets anywhere in real time
  • Gain operational visibility
  • Price risk premiums accurately
  • Reduce refunds
  • Fast track claim processing
  • Performance-based accountability
  • Enhance customer experience

…And to their clients

  • Master fleets of physical assets
  • Master operational risks
  • Increase amount of assets that can be insured
  • Review pricing in light of lower risk

How our solution enables a leading energy group to optimize and secure its operations for sensitive materials.

How our solution enables a leading insurer to implement parametric insurance & optimize its clients' operations.


Hardware: flexible, maintenance-free & autonomous solution for data continuity

  • STYCKR energy harvesters
    Plug & forget device

    Autonomy through multi-energy harvesting

  • STYCKR communication protocols
    Remove connectivity gaps

    Multiple communications protocols, including satellite coverage

  • Power & communications optimization firmware

    Embedded intelligence to smartly adapt to the environment and ensure maximum autonomy

  • STYCKR sensors
    Embedded & 3rd-party sensors

    Accelerometer, temperature, humidity, rip-off natively embedded. Available slot for external sensor(s)

  • Easy setup, no maintenance

    Our device is mounted in minutes and then operates in total autonomy

STYCKR device

Software: AI & ML to monitor and de-risk operations

STYCKR frontend
  • AI-powered SaaS platform

    Deep analysis of 100+ measured data points to deliver unparalleled insights

  • Risk anticipation & avoidance

    Prediction and avoidance of endogenous & exogenous risks in operational activities

  • Fraud detection

    Detect malicious use & identify fraudulent networks

  • Global operations monitoring

    No visibility gaps and global operations monitoring

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